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Hidden Garden of Vigan - Discover the Place

Vigan brings images of antiquated houses, cobbled narrow streets, calesas and friendly faces peering out of large windows, a place where "time stood still". A living museum as they say. Yet despite of all the romantic images this place provokes, much is still unfamiliar about the historic Vigan

No one would anticipate that a beautiful garden is located at the heart of Vigan City, where tourists keep on discovering and kept amazed.

More than the beautiful garden and superb potteries, HIDDEN GARDEN of VIGAN is the place where Filipino hospitality is felt.

They not only look very atttractive and create a more pleasant environment for the visitors but also act as natural filters. This is what makes HIDDEN GARDEN of VIGAN special.

Welcome to
Hidden Garden of Vigan

Lilong and Lilang Specialty Dishes

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  • The best Ilocano restaurant
    " Its a perfect dinner here after we toured around the hidden garden. Small but a great homely made meals.. One of the unforgetable dishes here is the mixed rice with bagoong, pinakbet, bagnet, etc.. and with the buko (I had a watery mouth). There's also a mini nursery for different plants for sale. For me, its a perfect Ilocano resto. " Vangie G
    Zamboanga, Zamboanga, Philippines
  • One word YUMMY
    " Pros: Excellent food, the Grilled squid and Sinigang we had is simply the best. Dining ambiance is great along with great service Cons: A little far from the city. " Iesiege
    Manila, Philippines
  • Loved it Here!
    " A hidden gem in the heart of Vigan City. The empanada was ok, but we enjoyed the fresh coconut though. I may say that the place is somewhat romantic because of the garden. :D " Anonymous
    Manila, Philippines